Black Powder Pistol
Long Barrel Pistol &
Lightweight Sporting Rifle
TWTSC is one of the few local shooting clubs rated by the MOD to provide black powder pistol shooting.

We mostly shoot two types of full bore, muzzle loading percussion pistol on our 20 yard range. 1) the traditional single shot pistol and 2) the cylinder loaded revolver. We use a variety of gun powders and propellants best suited to each gun. The skill of marksmanship is therefore combined by the ability to fine tune your pistol with the correct load to maximise its accuracy.

The club also supports .22lr long barrel pistol (LBP) in the form of revolver, semi-auto and single shot actions. Lightweight Sporting Rifle (LSR) is also facilitated on our 20 yard range. These are mostly sporting guns ranging from air rifle, .22lr bolt action, semi-auto and single shot variants.

All the firearms used on our 20 yard range can be entered into postal competitions hosted by the Kent County League.