How to join us...
Tunbridge Wells Target Shooting Club is a Home Office approved club.

Our current membership fees are as follows:
1. Induction fee - for those new to target shooting = £40 (2 x 3hr instruction sessions).
2. Adult probationary subs - for 6 months from the date of joining = £120 (taken as one amount at start of probation).
3. Junior probationary subs - for 6 months from the date of joining = £60 (taken as one amount at start of probation).
4. Adult new full member ​monthly sub = £20 per month.
5. Junior new full junior member monthly sub = £10 per month.

For prospective members new to target shooting we run a structured approach to introduce the sport. This involves a free taster event where both 10m and Benchrest air target shooting can be tried out. If you are still interested, having had a go at a taster event, we can then undertake formal coaching (6 hours) and should that be successful  probationary membership of the club can be processed.

We are currently experiencing a very high volume of enquiries to join TWTSC. However, should you wish to consider joining, please download our enquiry form (link button below). Once completed and saved to your hard drive using your full name, email it back to us via this link >>>. We will let you know in due course when an appointment can be made.
As a responsible club, every effort is made to ensure that our members are suitable people to handle firearms, and our application procedure will necessarily involve some questions which will help us verify that.

All prospective new members are welcome to take part in three sessions before deciding whether or not to join our club. These initial sessions begin on the first Sunday of the month and are led by qualified instructors. After the first three sessions you will be asked to pay your Probationary subscription – this covers your first three months of membership.

To progress to full membership, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are safe to be on a range and that you have made a minimum of six attendances during your six month probationary period.

Applicants under 14 are welcome, but are only permitted within the club providing a parent or guardian remain on the premises at the same time and may be required to assist in their supervision.

The Club provides basic equipment for newcomers but as they progress most shooters realise the benefits of investing in their own equipment, and this is something for which we always provide guidance. There are no storage facilities at the club for members to use.

The Club is run by the members for the members. In accepting membership you will be expected, from time to time, to take part in both the running of the Club and maintenance of the facilities.