Benchrest &
Prone Air Rifle
Our outdoor 25 yard range, adjacent to our 50m positions, is a well-used facility for prone and benchrest air rifle shooting.

Most of our prone and benchrest air rifle shooters take part in this discipline for enjoyment and the targets used can be flexible and quite inventive. Shooting outside adds the challenge of dealing with the weather and wind conditions.

For benchrest shooting a table or bench is used with the rifle supported on a front rest – on our range this discipline is for air rifles only.

As with all target shooting disciplines there is a trend towards technical, high specification (and expensive) rifles, scopes and front rests. However, for prone and benchrest an accurate .177 calibre air rifle, a scope with level of magnification sufficient to see clearly a bull target at 25yds plus, if shooting benchrest, a simple front rest is all that is needed to get started.