Our History
Our club was established in 1903 and was originally based in the Old Drill Hall, Victoria Road, Tunbridge Wells.

Shooting was suspended during WWI and our club was reformed in 1920 when it merged with the St Peter’s Club who had already established themselves on our current site since 1906 following approval by the Marquess of Abergavenny. We have always been the sole residents on our site at Warwick Park and this allows us the flexibility to fit in with the evolutionary changes that all sports go through from year to year.

In 1952 we began a series of developments which have continued to today, improving our ranges and erecting buildings for indoor shooting ranges and club facilities. Work has been completed using our own financial resources and together with the donation of materials, time and labour from our members we have managed to sustain a physical infrastructure in support of the club. In addition to the usual maintenance work, a near term objective is to improve access to encourage more disabled shooters.